Alberto Fusco
abstract artist
Gianluca Pisano
The use of dramatic illumination affords the paintings an air of mystery. Mystery is powerful in attracting the human mind, leaving the narrative incomplete so that the spectator is puzzled or left in a state of wonder.
Sandra Menant
abstract artist
Sandra’s work displays energy and creativity which translates beautifully from concept to reality. The diversity of themes that Sandra explores demonstrates that rare talent of an artist: the ability to challenge and delight in the same instant.
Rosa Migliardi
"If pereception was cleansed everything appears infinite" - William Blake
Franco Marras
Painting for Sossio is ‘The Power of Doing’ – a journey in ‘Dreaming’ in which the artist, in a state of suspension from all descriptions of the world around him hunts his own shadows, aligning the internal and external worlds and renouncing the search for any style, technique, or fashion.
Dario Agrimi
Dario's art amplifies emotions and reduces the distance between realty and fiction
Roberto Grosso
My art takes its inspiration from music and is produced in metal, metallic paper or perspex. The key elements of my art are the use of vibrant colour and augmented reality - which brings the artwork to life by showing the stages of its creation to a soundtrack of the music that inspired it.
June Sira
There’s an other-worldly stillness to June Sira’s paintings that captures a fundamental aspect of youth – their rich interior landscape and an often overlooked thoughtfulness and wisdom that comes from a young person attempting to make sense of an ever challenging and changing world.
Frank Wackerbarth
Wackerbarth describes in his works three key elements – the piece, the observer, and the light. Each work has an individual surface motif which is highly responsive to light. Works make the most of all light available in their surroundings, attracting light, concentrating it and reflecting it back to the viewer.
Alter Ego
His art is a continuos search of people's hidden and most true side.
Federico Gori
His art is a continuos search of people's hidden and most true side.
Marcel Garbi
I think we are living in an illusion but sometimes we are “touched” from the other side of the veil by the “real reality”, the one that cannot be seen.
Arts -when they achieve it- open some of those magic gates that help us get across the veil offering a glimpse to the other side via some kind of "poetic event".
Severino Del Bono
The effort and intensity of the human faces are the research fields of Del Bono, imprinted on the canvases are alterations and light deformities of close-up faces which try to examine emotions, creating a sort of silent and solitary interior dialogue.