Alter Ego

His art is a continuos search of people's hidden and most true side.
David Pisapia, in art Alter Ego, is an emerging Italian artist born in Naples where he lives and works.
When twenty years old he started to escape from everyday reality by making the first small ironworks and gradually found himself discovering the world of art and design. An extraordinary creative process, which, through various stages of stylistic maturity, lead him to materialize his first true artistic achievements.
David Pisapia practices the art of sculpture following his unstoppable call of 'creating shapes'. He believes that in order to discover we must look through a mirror and treat the image reflected as a new viewpoint of our being. Such a way of observing can reveal to us the introspective and mysterious part of ourselves which we thought being totally obscure.
It is not a case that the Artist uses as pseudonym 'Alter Ego', to always remind him about his ambitious goal.